About us

Heebie Jeebies LLC is a wholesale company that originally started in Sydney Australia but has now expanded to the United States. We are based in LA and ship from Monroe, NJ. We love to create fun things for both big and little inquisitive minds. We design and develop many of our own products as well as sourcing the latest exciting products from around the world.  We wholesale toys and gifts to museums, department stores and independent stores throughout Australia and the United States as well as distributing in other countries.

Our brands are:

Bizerk - For clowning around

Heebie Jeebies – Scientific toys for geeks of all ages

LiquiFly – Water powered rockets that fly over 30 meters!

Quack – Cool kids classic toys and crafts

Chameleon – Colour changing accessories 

Smart Brain - Puzzles and games


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

We ship out of Monroe, New Jersey

Minimum order?

Our minimum order is $200USD. Any orders sent under this will be charged a flat freight & handling rate of $12.00USD

Freight Charge?

Freight is charged as 6% of order to a cap dependant on location. Orders of $1500USD are freight free.

How do I open an account?

Get in touch with your details and we will send you a new account application form. 

Back orders?

Yes, as a default we will keep backorders. All outstanding backorders will be deleted on the  24th 


Do backorders have freight?

Back orders are freight free.  

How do I pay?

For non-account customers, Paypal or credit card when order is placed. For account customers, EFT or credit 

card within 30 days of invoice date. 

How do I order?

Either place an order through our website, call our sales team or send us an email.

Fault or damaged item?

Please email sales@heebiejeebies.net with the issue and put the word Credit in the subject, then note the item and invoice number and we will 

contact you to fix it.