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Rubeosaurus Floor Puzzle

SKU HJ-1791

Explore the variety of dinosaurs with this uniquely shaped floor puzzle. 

Box is 32cm x 31cm x 11.5cm

36 Pieces giant floor puzzle 88 cm x 60 cm
1 Dino-poster 87 cm x 25 cm
10 Extra Dinomania Pieces
Great for ages 4+

Rubeosaurus is derived from the Latin "rubeus" (thornbush or bramble, aka blackberry bush) and the Greek "sauros" (lizard), named for the array of spikes adorning its frill. The species epithet, ovatus, means "egg-shaped" in Latin. The name was coined by American paleontologist and Herman Munster look-a-like Charles Whitney Gilmore in 1930for the shape of its frill.