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Bouncy Ball Test Tube

SKU HJ-1299

This bouncing ball kit is perfect for any scientist looking to have some fun. With just water and the included instructions, you can create your own bouncing ball in no time. Perfect for a rainy day or a party game, this kit is sure to keep everyone entertained.


What to do

Put a packet of powder into a shallow dish. Cover with water. Wait 10 seconds then scoop out the powder with your hands and roll into a ball. Lay on a dry surface 5 minutes to dry out. Keep in a zip-lock bag when not using the ball.


What Happens

When the powder mixes with water, it starts a reaction that hooks the powders molecules together. It’s these liked polymers that make the ball solid and allow it to bounce.


How much do I bounce?

What to do

Stick a ruler against a vertical surface. Drop the ball from the 25cm mark and see how high it bounces back up to. Try it again at different heights and see what difference it makes.


What Happens

The higher the starting height of the ball, the higher the ball’s potential energy. The earth’s gravity needs time to accelerate, or speed up, the ball when you let go of it, the longer an object falls, the faster it gets. When the ball is dropped the potential energy turns into kinetic energy. The faster an object moves, the higher its kinetic energy. When the ball hits the ground, the kinetic energy goes into the ball and giving it the force to bounce back up.