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Foucault pendulum - 38cm

SKU HJ-6120

This simple device with a black stand is the perfect size to sit on your desk, with its rhythmic motion inscribing beautiful patterns in the sand.

Creates beautiful patterns on sand
Sand pictures are written and rewritten for over five minutes
Instruction manual included
Makes a lovely gift for anybody

When Leon Foucault set up a simple experiment in 1851, little did he know the importance of what he was about to tell the world? While it was path breaking, brave and a novelty at that age, it's totally different now - You don't have to convince anybody anymore that the earth actually rotates around the sun!

However, the Foucault's Pendulum has oscillated for over 160 years and not just becomes a display piece but a work of art at your office desk or dining table. Standing 38cms tall, it is an exquisite piece that would make you gape at its work in awe.

The Foucault's Pendulum is a simple pendulum apparatus with a sand bath at the bottom. When you set the pendulum in motion, it goes about marking lines and curves on the sand. While it may not make much sense to you in the beginning, take a look at it after 5 minutes or so, and you're sure to marvel at the geometrical designs that it has come up with! Buy the Foucault's Pendulum online and add a touch of class to your office desk. It would also make an excellent gift idea for your boss (especially when appraisal time's nearing!), girlfriend, or dad!