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Sherlock Magnifier metal 75mm

SKU HJ-2117

Please order in complete units of 8.

This iconically-styled magnifying glass is perfect for the budding detective or anyone who just wants a closer look at something. With 2.5x magnification, it’s perfect for all ages!

Old fashioned style magnifying glass
Similar to the ones used in classic detective movies!
Fun for detective games and dress up!
75mm glass lens with 2.5x magnification
Ages 7+

Before we had a modern Sherlock, the classic old-school detective used one of these simple, but effective magnifying glasses to put many of London's fictional criminal masterminds behind bars! This classic style magnifying glass has a working 2.5 x magnification lens that will be fun for kids to play with or a handy tool for adults to use around the home!

This real magnifying glass can form the basis of a Halloween detective costume or an everyday toy for pretend play! Follow the clues to solve the case and trap the bad guy!

Kids will be fascinated by seeing the world in close up and even the most mundane objects become magically more interesting under magnification. Use it inside the home to magnify household items or head outside to discover nature in new ways! Leaves, sticks, worms and bugs can all be studied in great detail and the magnifying glass will help engage kids' natural curiosity to learn more about the world around them!

Older adults can definitely benefit from a little bit of magnification on occasion! This 2.5 x magnification lens will help you see fine print more clearly on things like contracts, bills and instruction manuals.

Order today for your child or grandchild to play with, explore the world in minute detail or use for a detective costume. The kids in your family will be surprised and delighted to "detect" a real magnifying glass in their Christmas stocking or Easter Basket!

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 75mm diameter
2.5 x magnification
Ages 7+